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Third Party Assurance

Process, Tools, Control sets. Tailored for threats specific to each supplier.

The ever increasing use of Outsourcing, Cloud, Third Parties bring benefits but also Risks. Our proven processes and tools can be combined with controls sets from a broad range of Industry Standards...

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Internal Controls Assurance

Process, Tools, Control sets. Tailored for threats specific to your strategy. Controls to satisfy the most vigilant regulators across the globe.

Our team can perform the assessments of Third Parties, examining the key controls and processes and ensuring you have the right level of oversight...

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EU General Data Protection Regulations

Planning, Processes, Profiling and Tracking Tools, tailored to the threats specific to your business, to get you compliant within the pressing timeframe.

GDPR will radically change the way you manage customer data, how you respond to events, and how you communicate with your customers...

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Third Party Assurance Execution

Planning, Process, Profiling and Tracking Tools and Control sets for rapid clarity on residual risk.

Our team can perform the assessments of Third Parties, examining the key controls and processes and ensuring you have the right level of oversight and a clear understanding of what risks you are bearing.

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Data Security

Preventing loss of your Confidential data

Data Loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external events, is no longer tolerated. Sophisticated DLP tools provide significant protection but do not cover the full breadth of the challenge...

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Risk Management Services

Full Risk Management frameworks or rapid tactical requirements. Experienced risk professionals to solve Technology and Business challenges.

For effective Operational Risk Management, each enterprise must recognise, measure, and control their business risks...

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Recently Delivered Projects

Retail Bank

We have recently assisted a large Retail Bank through two major and challenging initiatives. The first was a firm-wide initiative to raise the bar for governance, risk and control in the face of increasing attention from the financial regulators. The objective was to demonstrate to the regulators that the strength of control was appropriate for expansion into new business areas. The second challenge was a strategic transition from the incumbent vendors to a new set of strategic partners...

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Multinational Corporation

The strategy was to move key processes ‘to the cloud’. However, the Risk Team stated it was ‘too risky’, management were blind to the risks and the Risk Managers were not armed to prove their point.
We presented our methodology which automated the process of risk assessment enabling the Risk Team to rapidly report the risk. Using this approach, a Business Leader, a Technology Leader or a Risk Manager can profile each proposed Cloud opportunity and within 5 minutes provide...

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GDPR - It’s not about the money

We are all doomed come 25th May 2018. All driven by an incremental change to a regulation we have been conveniently ignoring for 20 years. Most of us are not ready for the enforcement date of GDPR, we will all be fined 4% of our annual revenue and our businesses will collapse. Open the article

Swiss GDPR with Jail time

Switzerland is widely recognised for its Banking Secrecy and, while these laws may be the cornerstone for wealth management for some of the richest people in the world, they have been widely criticised across Europe and the US for the lack of fiscal transparency. Open the article

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"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." – T. S. Eliot

You don't have to look too far to find a list of great quotes about taking risk. These quotes are tossed around at all sorts of business seminars, self-improvement experiences and coaching events. We enjoy them, we use them to motivate ourselves and to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone... Open the article

Do I always need to Fix my issues?

The text books tell us we have 4 T’s when it comes to Risk Control - Transfer, Terminate, Treat, Tolerate. Transfer usually involves some form of Insurance. I understand well the concept of Insurance, and of course there are times when this is the right action. But I can count on one hand the number of times when ‘Transfer’ was an appropriate action... Open the article

The Leadership Team

Mark Clements Founder and Director

Mark has had a successful career as a strategic IT manager in the financial services industry and is a former Head of International IT Operations at JPMorgan, holding leadership positions in Europe, Asia and the US...

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Steve Watkins Founder and Director

Steve is the former Global Head of IT Risk and Controls at JPMorgan. Under Steve’s leadership, the bank achieved ‘reference bank’ status for IT Controls with Swiss Regulator FINMA and the first issue-free external audit by Singapore Regulator MAS...

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Mark Mason Senior Consultant

Mark has over 20 years of experience in corporate governance and risk management with a solid foundation in external and internal audit, controlling, and compliance...

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Laurent Puijalon Senior Consultant

Laurent has nearly 20 years’ experience in the banking industry, in Europe and the US, and has held diverse roles in Investment Banking and Asset Management...

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About RiiSK S.A.

Riisk is a specialist Consulting Company, with proven approaches for Integrating Risk Management into your Business. We deliver Control Assurance and Risk Management Solutions and Services ensuring that your Internal Controls are measured, treated and business practices are transformed. By incorporating Third Party and Cloud Assurance into Internal Controls we are able to encompass the holistic ‘extended enterprise’ to meet the operational, financial, regulatory and compliance requirements.

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