GDPR Compliance Management

An Easy-to-Use Collaboration Tool to Integrate GDPR Compliance into Your Business.

✦ Determine Current Compliance ✦ A Comprehensive Assessment ✦ Report to Stakeholders ✦ Manage Gaps ✦ Mitigate Risk ✦ Track Progress ✦ Store Evidence

Perfect for Compliance, Risk and Information Security Officers

Tool Features

An Intuitive Tool to Enable Collaboration

  • Get started immediately, nothing to install
  • Collaborate toward the same goals across the organisation
  • Easy configuration of business units to breakdown and share the challenge
  • Single repository to consolidate all results
  • Concurrent usage to compress the project critical path
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Determine Current GDPR Compliance

  • Simply select the answers from the dropdown
  • Over 150 questions grouped by 21 useful function categories for context
  • Re-enter at any point or modify previous responses
  • Track progress to aid planning
  • Share questionnaires with colleagues to assign to those accountable
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Analyze and Report Maturity

  • Visualise and report compliance to communicate key compliance gaps
  • Analyse by category and sub-category to focus and assign responsibility
  • Visualise by function or regulatory provision to prioritise tasks driven by risk of sanction
  • Compare business units to determine which areas of the business require investment
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Take Action, Mitigate Risk and get Compliant

  • Display risk of sanction by regulatory provision to integrate into your risk register
  • Control gaps, mapped to regulatory articles, brings clarity to regulatory expectations
  • Control recommendations enable prioritisation of actions to quickly mitigate high risk
  • Demonstrate risk management and progress to regulatory bodies.
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Track Progress Towards Target

  • Report on status and progress to demonstrate to the business the value of the program investment
  • Chart the start, previous, current and target states to demonstrate the program is on target
  • Full mobile functionality to enable tracking and drive progress while on the road
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The Easy Way to Manage Your GDPR Program

  • Get your GDPR program on track
  • Know your risk and prioritise accordingly
  • Drive toward a Data Privacy culture
  • Demonstrate strong Governance
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About RiiSK S.A.

Riisk is a specialist Consulting Company, with proven approaches for Integrating Risk Management into your Business. We deliver Control Assurance and Risk Management Solutions and Services ensuring that your Internal Controls are measured, treated and business practices are transformed. By incorporating Third Party and Cloud Assurance into Internal Controls we are able to encompass the holistic ‘extended enterprise’ to meet the operational, financial, regulatory and compliance requirements.

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